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Jennie and Phil Schaff live in Pittsford, NY with their three children: Nathan (11), Charlie (9) and Elie (4).  Over the past few years, this family has organized fundraisers for many, many people.  They had a spaghetti dinner for victims of natural disasters in Haiti and Japan.  They brought together 40 kids to have a “Sand-aid” benefit to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  They have done several book drives to ensure that kids in Rochester have access to reading material.

Suddenly last year, this family that has done so much for so many others, found themselves facing a devastating situation.  In July 2012, at the age of 42, easy-going, fun-loving Phil was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer.  Following a grueling round of treatment including surgery, the cancer returned a year later. Their lives have been turned upside down.  As cancer often does, this disease has taken a toll on all of them: emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.  Imagine trying to juggle two working parents and three busy kids and then add in multiple surgeries, treatments, doctor’s appointments and frequent emergency room visits.

For the past year and a half, while the Schaff’s have tried to make sense of their situation, many people have reached out in numerous, wonderful ways. Several months ago, a group of families got together and realized more needed to be done. Recognizing that no one has a bigger heart than Phil, the idea of Phil Your Heart seemed perfect as both the name and theme of our project.

While we wish we could cure Phil’s cancer, we are striving to make things just a little bit easier for Phil and the Schaff family.  You can show your support by donating now and watch for Phil Your Heart apparel and events in the near future.

All proceeds go directly to helping the Schaff family.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project already. Please click here for information on how you can donate or click here to buy Phil Your Heart logo stuff.